Please read before completing your volunteer application:

Founded and built by volunteers, Special Olympics NY is an example of the impact that volunteers can make in their community by putting their time and expertise to use to socially benefit others. We have 3 categories of volunteers for our State Games:

Service Volunteers: The hands-on 'Doer's' An individual or group who is willing to commit and dedicate their day to the athletes and willing to do the job needed of them. These jobs can include, but are not limited to: set up, athlete escorts, stagers, timers, scorekeeping and etc. Volunteers must be at least 13 years of age; those 13 through 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Service volunteers, please do not bring young children to your assignment.

Volunteer to Cheer: The FANS! An individual or group that would like the volunteer role of our cheering section for our athletes ~ Fans in the Stands! This is a very important role, as many athletes travel far and do not always have the opportunity for their families to attend and cheer them on. Fan stations are made available at most events for you to make a sign or banner to add to the fun! Social volunteers can be ANY AGE.

Social Ambassador: An individual or group that are social media enthusiasts. We are looking for individuals who can capture the moment(s) and publish to Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook using #SONYstates | #SienaCollege | #Special Olympics NY

2017 State Summer Games Volunteer Application

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Please recognize that by submitting your application, you are committing to volunteer for the duration of the event(s) you selected. If you are unable to commit to the entire time slot, please do not register for that event.

Times listed are tentative. Please be patient and flexible as this is a true sports competition and factors (weather, transportation, etc.) may impact the schedule of events.

Please check the jobs that interest you for Friday, June 15th:
Please select the jobs that interest you for Saturday, June 16th
GROUPS: If you would like to apply as a group check here & SONY staff will contact you.
VOLUNTEER TO CHEER: I am complete and would like to be a Fan in the Stands.
SOCIAL AMBASSADOR: I am a social media enthusiast and would like to capture the moment(s) of the games!
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